Need More Wiggle Room? Consider A Pole Barn.

Need More Wiggle Room? Consider A Pole Barn.

Jeffrey Construction builds all types of pole buildings in Kirkwood & Oxford, PA

Thinking about building a shed or shop on your property? There's more to it than just choosing a structural design and putting up the walls. You have to consider the cost of the project, the time spent building the structure and what material will best suit your needs.

The good news is that pole buildings, also known as pole barns, offer the best benefits. Pole buildings are:

  • Cost-effective - No need to fret about expensive construction costs. Pole barns require less lumber than standard buildings. Less material used means less money spent on the overall project.
  • Quick to assemble - Most buildings require concrete foundations, which take time to prepare properly. However, pole barns do not. These structures are built using the post-frame construction process, which makes them easy to construct.
  • Sturdy - Despite the fact that they require fewer materials, they're just as stable as traditional buildings. Pole buildings are built using deep-set poles and can be placed on almost any type of terrain. They are one of the top structurally sound buildings available on the market.

Whether you're a Kirkwood, PA homeowner, farmer or business owner, you can benefit from a pole building. Call Jeffrey Construction at 717-553-3522 today to discuss your needs with an experienced pole barn builder.

Improve your property with a customized steel pole barn

Ready to start building your pole barn in Kirkwood, PA? Jeffrey Construction is here to help. We've been building pole buildings on residential, commercial and agricultural properties for over 13 years. There is less hassle when you only need to rely on one contractor. At Jeffrey Construction, we offer turnkey solutions for your new steel pole building. We'll work closely with you to design and construct the ideal building.

You can add style to your property by transforming your pole barn into a shop, shed, storage unit, garage or warehouse. We also offer custom and pre-fabricated pole building options. Schedule your consultation now to get the ball rolling on your project.